Final Post

Star Trek is as relevant today as it was when Gene created it in the 60’s. The show is about the wildness of space, the boldness of man to explore the unknown, and the moral values needed to coexist and survive in the mysterious universe and beyond. The show’s message is timeless and universal; Star Trek is a great show for people of all ages. I would recommend that everyone watch it. The story, acting, characters and concepts are so good; I think anyone could get into it. I feel like people associate geeks to Star Trek, but this show is really very good and much more than a Sci-Fi show, it’s like the Wild West meets Star Wars.

I enjoyed this assignment more when I first got it than as I got into it. The most challenging part about watching this show was the length of episodes and trying to get everything else done that I have to do everyday while still meeting the blogging dead lines. Each episode is about an hour-long and sometimes it’s hard to think of what to write about that’s analytical so it took a while for me. I thought it was going to be easier, but it really took some time and effort. The easiest part was watching the show because it’s awesome; it was a lot harder to come up with things to talk about other than how much I liked the show. It was an interesting assignment and I would have enjoyed it more if we could have just wrote about whatever… The pressure to make it so analytical got to me a little. I think I did ok, but if I had just been more relaxed and took it lighter I think it would have come out better and been more fun.

Blogging is an interesting thing. To me it’s a type of social networking machine like Facebook or Twitter. I like the fact that if you’re a talented writer you can use blogging as a tool to get free exposure. It’s a quick inexpensive way to get your opinions and thoughts out there, but like Facebook or twitter it seems to suck you in and I think some people go to far; there’s something nice about paper and pen, about a book, about a newspaper or magazine, it just seems more real. This assignment overall was great, but It was a challenge to keep up on it. Watching a TV show no matter how good it is as an assignment somehow seems too work related. It was a fun assignment and introduced me to the world of blogging; I enjoyed this assignment overall.

I think Star Trek shows the importance of calm understanding and tolerance. In every episode there is something presented to the crew that they have yet to encounter and so each situation is new and full of possibility. Still no matter the situation there always seems to be a moral lesson to be learned and only through understanding, tolerance and the pursuit of fair justice are the situations resolved.

The Season Finally, which I couldn’t find, was probably awesome yet I know I can make a fair judgment on the show without it. Star Trek is a great show, it really captivates its audience and in the 60’s people must have really gone crazy over it. My father said he used to skip school or lie on the couch and not do his homework just so he could watch Star Trek. In fact my father is one of eleven children and all his brothers love the show. Each grew up in the 60’s and watching Star Trek, I remember when I was little they each had a prop communicator and at family gatherings would jokingly call each other to beam each in turn up to the dinning room for dinner. I’m glad I was able to watch Star Trek for this assignment because this show is not only great, but also it brought my father and I closer together in someway. I understand why he might have laid on the couch not doing his homework or going to school because this show is addicting and awesome to watch. Each character is so well-developed that by the last few episodes of season one each character has become so much more than a fictional creation but a hero, or role model… Star Trek is really a great show.


One Response to “Final Post”

  1. Professor Dunphy Says:

    This is good. Really glad you got into the show and assignment. If you embrace it, it’s fun! And you did towards the end.

    I really like that you and your father got to spend time over it… really cool. Very cool actually.

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