Ace in the Hole Questions

1. What did you think of the film? 1-4 star ranking. 1 being low, 4 being high. I need reasons.
– This film was great! I’ll give it a 4 because it showed the dangers of media. In the movie Tatum exploits a story about a man trapped in a cave rumored to be a haunted Indian burial grave, he ends up causing the mans death, just to jump-start his own career back to it’s former luster. It was funny, sad, intense, suspenseful, interesting, caring, emotional; the movie was awesome, no wonder why it won 2 Oscars, nominated for four. Billy Wilder directed “Ace in the Hole,” writing the movie along with Lesser Samuel’s.
2. What are you impressions of Tatum? What do you think of him?
– He was awesome: confidante, ambitious, driven I’d say even courageous. It takes balls to take advantage of the trust and life of such an obvious innocent “good guy” as Leo Minosa. He even bullied and exploited a cop! However, these attributes can be both positive and negative to a man. Tatum can definitely get the job done; he is a great journalist, the best around. Still his price is too high in that he is willing to put an innocent life on the line for a story, fame and fortune.
3. What characters did you like or dislike? Which did you connect to?
– Even though Tatum was messed up and got Leo killed he was really a pretty cool guy. He never meant harm and if Leo had gotten out alive, think of all the good. I know I’m playing devils advocate but: the shop was getting its best business ever; Leo could improve his quality of life once he was freed. Leo would be famous and his place would probably always remain pretty busy, Tatum would be famous and rich and even his protégée in the movie would get the break of a lifetime. So Tatum was one of my favorite characters, I mean he punched a cop! I hate Lorraine Minosa; she is the worst person ever. I would only be ok with her if she was being beaten or abused in someway by Leo, but she wasn’t. He was a great husband, kind, nice, caring, and giving. She admitted her self the only reason she married him and came to live in Escudero was because he said he had a ton of land and money. He didn’t all together lie he just didn’t mention that it was located in the middle of nowhere. Still she had no problem with him in the hole; at least Tatum felt guilt, regret, and it even killed him I think in the end. She was heartless!
4. Does Tatum follow the Canons of Journalism that are in newspaper chapter? Which has he broken and which has he followed?
5. What does Tatum believe in being a newsman? Is he a good newsman?
– He believes that bad news is good news. That being a good reporter is doing anything necessary to get a story. Manipulating, and exploiting the players involved including and most importantly the audience and to always give them what they want, then take it away so that there begin for more, and you’ll own them. He is great at what he does, as for being a great newsman I don’t know.
6. Should a newspaper hold onto a story? What if they were asked by the family or by the government?
– No I think a story should be open to all papers so people can get different perspectives on a story, and so the papers won’t be able to just write what they want. They all have to stay pretty close to facts or people won’t know who is telling the truth; they keep each other in check. No, because the only reason for that would be for the government to cover something up, same with a family.
7. Could this story happen today? Has it? Give Examples.
– Sure it could, people are just as manipulative now as they were then. Elian Gonzalez comes to mind, or Nancy Scrivo maybe?
8. If you were close to the mountain (or far), would you go to visit? Be honest. Why?
– Well I would just watch it on TV in between work and school, I’m way to busy to camp out or even drive most places these days. Yes, if I lived back then I probably would. It’s interesting and I want some pancakes at that market!
9. Even though the film is from the 1950s, it touches upon the power of media and shows how a story gets made/created. Was Tatum wrong for doing this?
– He wasn’t wrong for reporting of the story, what was wrong was his manipulation of the rescue plans to add longevity to the story. This was murder!
10. Who is the Jimney Cricket of the film? Who was Jimney—what did he say, “Let your conscience be your guide.” So, in essence, who tells him right from wrong.
– Jacob Q. Boot played by Porter Hall was the Jimney Cricket of the film.
11. Which character represents you, the audience, in this film? It might be the answer to #10.
– Mr. Boot.
12. Did you like the film? Did it work for you? Is it far-fetched, over the top?
– I loved it, it worked, was not to far-fetched for me! Let’s watch another!


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