Extra Credit: Pat Oliphant

This editorial cartoon by Pat Oliphant to me is about how the NYPD is our first line defense against any shady character that intends to hurt us. You see the busy New York street filled with vendors, people, traffic, the day-to-day chaos of life and on the sidewalk a creep unnoticed by all except the officer who says, “Don’t event think about thinkin’ about it.” On the sidewalk, against a vendor stand is a newspaper front page which reads, “Give that some thought.” Pat is asking us to think about the good things cops do for us not just the fact that they also give us expensive tickets. They put their lives on the line for us everyday so we can go about our day-to-day to do’s. They do their best and are on the front line, in the streets, trying to safeguard our way of life and we should take a second to recognize that. Sure some people may look at this as racial profiling because the creep tends to resemble a man of Middle Eastern decent, but to me he just looks like a creepy guy and I’m glade that cops are here to keep an eye on people like that. I think Pat has all the right in the world to create this cartoon and anyone who views it otherwise is to PC for my taste.


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