Extra Credit: Tom Toles

I liked the editorial cartoon by Tom Toles the best! What is wrong with us? Everything is so delicate and fragile right now, there is no room for mistakes, and yet we allow an oil spill to occur! For the love of god we shouldn’t even be depending on this crude way of feeding our insatiable appetite for power when there really are so many “green” alternatives. Yes we would need to overhaul our entire info-structure and it will cost a lot of money, but it will also create lot of jobs and I think it’s time for America to once again step up to the plate and lead the world into a new light. We should be at the forefront of “green” technologies and figure out ways to completely power our entire country through wind, hydro, solar and bio energies. I know that we already have these technologies, or at least could seriously start developing and implementing them, but we won’t because the people in power are making way to much money on what we currently use to power our world. They are destroying our planet now so they can live big today and if we don’t stop them there will be no such thing as future generations to worry about, because I believe we will soon destroy our whole planet!


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